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Art Outside
Port Angeles, WA

Fabricated steel, Plexiglas, sweat. Site are approximately 30' x 30'. Plexiglas lens pieces approximately 10" - 12" diameter or 16" x 7" parallelograms

Port Angeles Fine Art Center

This is an outdoor installation for a sculpture event in the wooded park surrounding the Art Center. This installation was a reconfiguration of the installation SEEeee. The original circular lenses were added to. They were approximately 5.5’ -6.5’ H above the ground. Individual “lens” were purposefully scattered amidst the landscape to have a relationship to each other and the surrounding landscape. There were choreographed views through several lenses or a single lens. All had a particular angle of view of the landscape and sky or to other lenses, while casting colored shadows towards whatever was in the frame of the shadows. This configuration of the lenses pulled the landscape as a whole into the installation and marked time as the shadows moved across the ground with the movement of the sun.



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