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Evanston Plaza Evanston Plaza Click thumbnails to see larger images

Evanston Plaza 2003
Seattle,  WA

Evanston Ave. N. and the Fremont Canal
Concrete, stone, landscaping

Quadrant Developers
NBBJ Architects
Berger Partnership Landscape Architects

Evanston Plaza is a community gathering space and a place to sit quietly by the water or stop en route along the bike/pedestrian path. The entire plaza was re-designed by the artist with assistance from the project architect and landscape architect. An older plaza design that did not meet the desires of a strong community was replaced. Several items from the old design that had been partially constructed had to be creatively integrated into the new design -  including the plaza planters and the edges of the "stair" system that connected the upper level to the trail. The plaza was purposefully oriented towards the water and provided a major connection to the water and lower trail through a sculptural stairway/gathering area that "flowed off" the upper plaza. The landscape on the slope and in the planters was populated by unique specimens that made reference to the unique character of a neighborhood that calls itself "The Center of the Universe". The upper plaza landscape was activated by a concrete "drawing" and natural stone compositions that also populated the space.

Evanston Plaza Evanston Plaza
Evanston Plaza Evanston Plaza