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Tonalea Landmark
2001 - 03

Tonalea Neighborhood Scottsdale, Arizona

variable sizes, concrete, paint, plants, fabricated aluminum, prismatic paint

Scottsdale Arts Council

A design team project with two parts: a model traffic-calming project for an older neighborhood’s streets and a new pedestrian bridge across the canal on the west edge. The traffic-calming project involved working within the strict parameters of a street project. The creates miniature “hyper” desert landscapes that vary with each calming device. Massings of desert landscape plants are used in conjunction with sculptural walls that accentuate shifting bermed ground planes. There are small, fabricated metal piece that visually read like mirages or pools of shifting color. The traffic devices vary from medians, to bulb outs to traffic circles. There are 18 total.

The pedestrian bridge, over the Crosscut Canal, on the west edge of the neighborhood, is described in the site integrated projects. (See Rippling Waters Bridge.)

Tonalea Landmark Tonalea Landmark
Tonalea Landmark