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Carolyn Law has been working as a professional studio and public artist for over 35 years. Her public art experience encompasses a wide range of commissioned art projects, art plans, and curated exhibitions in public places. The public art projects range from design team projects with designers, engineers, and/or landscape architects with considerable interface with communities and governmental agencies to site-specific integrated artworks and temporary installations. She has developed different types of art plans for situations ranging from a single site such as a city hall or hospital to multiple artworks being placed throughout a city park system over a period of years. She has been actively involved in civic affairs concerning the built public environment through on-going participation on various review bodies such as the Seattle Design Commission, Light Rail Review Panel, and Baseball Stadium Community Review & Art Oversight, and 4 Culture and the Port of Seattle Public Art Review Committees. Her studio artwork informs her public artwork. Additionally, she uses the art of conversation for creative exchange around a myriad of topics relevant to the public realm.



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EDUCATION <back to top>

M.F.A. University of Washington, Seattle, WA. 
B.A. Georgetown University, Washington, D.C., cum laude


  • Initiator of innovative public projects as an artist, lead artist or arts planner with valued results for the community

  • Creative approaches developed within context of project parameters

  • Quick analysis and articulation of issues, ideas, problems and solutions

  • Independent and collaborative working styles with good ability to connect with diverse participants

  • Excellent verbal and written skills encompassing public presentations and diverse written proposal experience

  • Catalytic participant with calm pesperspective in varied group processes and dealing with different viewpoints.

  • Act as liaison to agencies, public groups and individuals involved in projects documents

  • Work with budgets from single projects at $40,000 to complex multi-artist projects of several millions

PUBLIC ART PROJECTS  <back to top>


Project types range from design team to site specific. Design team projects required working with architects, landscape architects, urban planner, and engineers as well as diverse agencies, community groups and individuals.

2013 Sumner Bridge, Sumner,WA.
Member of the design team with Berger ABAM Engineers and JA Brenan & Assoc for a bridge replacement project.

2013 19th & Madison Park, Seattle, WA.
Seattle Parks Department Member of the design team with JA Brenan & Assoc. developing the overall schematic design design for a neighborhood park.

2013-15 Factoria Transfer Station, Factoria, WA.
4 Culture, King County, WA. A site-integrated “Poem for the Environment”. Etched glass panels in the front entry of the building.

2010-13 By Water on Land Seattle, WA.
4 Culture & Seattle Office of Arts & SDOT Site integrated sculpture on edge of Lake Union in the Eastlake neighborhood.

2010-12 Wenatchee Wastewater Treatment Plant, Wenatchee, WA
Wenatchee Arts Commission Design team project involving design of integral art concepts using light, sound, and sculptural elements that engage sun, wind and light into the plant located in downtown. Art concepts enhance awareness and understanding of the plant functions.

2010-11 Blue Heron Park Project, Lake Forest Park, WA.
City Engineering and Arts Commission Integration of art within a pedestrian bridge, designed in coordination with SRG Design.

2005-15 Olympia Sidewalk Projects, Olympia, WA.
Olympia Public Art Program On-going development of art projects for sidewalks in three neighborhoods of the city. One project completed. Second – design finished, construction 2014.

2008-10    Kirkland Transit Center, Kirkland, WA.
Sound Transit Design team project that will involve overall design of streetscape and transit amenities, within which integrated and site specific artwork will be developed.

2005 -2008 Greenlake-Pryde Development Project, Seattle, WA.
Private mixed-use development. Participating as lead artist, developed art plan, curated artist team. My work includes a terrazzo inlay at the main corner, a sculpture & water piece in the entryway to the residential units, and a sculptural attachment to the garage walls at the entrance visible from the street. Budget ~ $25,000

2004-2010 Greenbridge Housing Project, Seattle, WA.
King County Public Housing Authority, on-going projects, varying budgets. Working with various designers on art projects woven into a model 100-acre subsidized housing redevelopment project. The first project involves the “main street”, incorporating artwork in to the right-of-way. Three totemic chain-saw carved sculptures, “Friends”, are populating the sidewalk. Budget ~ $100,00

2006 Valley Traverse, Riverview Boulevard Overpass, Kent, WA.
City of Kent Public Art Program and Kent Engineering, Developed integrated artwork for a bridge over a new 5-lane roadway. Budget - $100,000

2003-2005 Before Now, Depot Park, Santa Cruz, CA.
City of Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz Arts, Public Art Committee Developed an artwork for a major new park in the center of Santa Cruz. The artwork was integrated into the central plaza of the park after the design was completed. The Park with active and passive uses is adjacent to a wetland estuary off the Monterey Bay. Budget - $140,000

2001 - 2003 Tonalea Landmarks & Rippling Waters Bridge
Tonalea Neighborhood Traffic Calming Project and Pedestrian Bridge, Scottsdale, AZ. Scottsdale Arts Council Worked with a design team to develop art concepts that challenged the nature of bland forms placed in street to calm traffic, and develop a prototype approach to various calming devices. The project also involved integrating artwork into a pre-fabricated bridge structure that crossed the canal along one edge of the neighborhood. Budget - $200,000

2000-2001 Evanston Plaza, Fremont Quadrant Development, Seattle, WA
Quadrant Corporation
Developed design changes and art concepts for a major waterfront public plaza in a 4 -building business development within an established Seattle neighborhood. Initial budget plus construction credits. Budget - ~$300,000

2000-2003 Bus System Project, Tri-Met, Portland, OR
Developed a new aesthetic/artistic approach to the components of the system bus stops. Limited scope of application expanded to deal with the entire system of 8,000 stops with fabrication of prototypes. New sculptural signs and color scheme were instituted throughout the system. Worked in collaboration with Tri-Met program staff and high-level user group.

1997-2000 Novelty Hill Bridge, King County, WA
King County Cultural Affairs, Public Art Program, King County Bridges Worked with project engineers to incorporate artwork into new bridge replacing an historic structure in rural King County. This was the first bridge project in the county to involve and artist, and the focus was on creating a component that could be used on subsequent bridges. The project evolved beyond this and set the precedent to involve future artists. Budget - $190,000, w/ aspects of the art, part of the design and installed by contractor. Budget ~ $160,000

1995-1996 "A Community Portrait of the Green River", Kent Arts Commission, Kent, WA
Two-part project that involved developing a community participation component and a final permanent artwork. The community aspect involved distributing one-shot pinhole cameras to various citizens and citizen groups to capture one image of their choice of the river, and a one-day cyanotype event for citizen-generated imagery and writing to be integrated into the artwork. The final art piece is located along the Green River trail in the City of Kent. Budget ~ $32,000.

1994 Factoria Transfer Station, King County Arts Commission, WA
Worked with design team of architect, engineer and landscape architect on ways to impact the concrete surfaces of retaining walls and facility building. Design includes a eleven formliners: a five phrase poem written by a local poet and six images. These will be used in an ever-changing relationship. Currently on hold. Budget ~ $25,000, contractor fabricated and installed

1994-1998 Metro Trolley Expansion, Route 70, Seattle, WA
Design team project with engineers and landscape team on the system's overall design. Consider innovative ways to affect the aesthetics of the system hardware and the streetscape, as well as consider how the trolley route can respond to three distinct neighborhood along the route from downtown. Budget ~ $110,000, contractor and agency installed.

1993-1995 Town entrance markers, Design team for Transportation Center and Park, Ephrata, WA
Designed artworks to mark the three entrances/exits to the town, design team work on the new transportation center for rail and bus and a city park. The three entrance artworks work off the spectacular landscape of semi-arid desert at the southern end of the Grand Coulee. They incorporate earthworks, local basalt rock in all its variations from columns to tallis shards, solar lighting and landscape of indigenous plants. Budget ~ $90,000, with additional funds and labor provided by the city for a total of approx. $180,000

1991-1992 High School Road Local Improvement District, Bainbridge Island, WA
Design team project working with a landscape architect and architect/planner to design a 2- mile stretch of road. Five 5' x5' sections of sidewalk were replaced with artwork at hubs along the road. The art was made of dyed concrete parts cast using innovative techniques to create a “portrait” of the island. Short poetry phrases from two local poets framed each section and were typically read out loud by walkers.

1983-1985 Broad Street Electrical Substation, Seattle, WA.
Seattle Arts Commission and City Light Member of design team which designed an annex facility and changes to existing yard to unite the two facilities. Within overall design there were areas of discreet artwork. Two 12'H x 75'W sections of fencing were designed: one section was viewed by car commuters; the other section for pedestrians. Budget - $36,000

ART PLANNING <back to top>

2009 Covington Park Art Plan, Washington
Phased artworks plan developed in conjunction with landscape architects for a large new park that incorporates earthworks, a program of temporary environmental artworks and artworks integrated into architectural structures.

2001-2006 Artist Planner for two Seattle Parks & Recreation Levies & Art Projects Liaison
Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs, Seattle, Washington
Developed, as Artist-in-Residence at Seattle Parks, two art plans for the 1% for Art money generated by city-wide Parks levies passed by voters - the 2000 Pro Parks Levy is developing parks throughout Seattle and the 1999 Community Center Levy Program building or remodeling 10 centers. $1.2 million was generated for Parks, $.4 million generated for community centers. Developed comprehensive plans with the overall intent of leaving an artistic legacy for parks and community centers through visionary artwork created over seven years. Remained involved as facilitator of the projects to insure that the vision of the art plans remained intact.

2003-2004 Nashville Courthouse Square, Nashville, Tenn.
Project Design Team and Metro Arts Commission Public Art Program, $20,000 Worked as lead artist with the project design team to contribute to the overall design of the square at the Davidson County Courthouse and City Hall historic building and simultaneously develop a public art plan for integrated artwork.

1997- 2003 Washington State Convention and Trade Center, Seattle, WA
Worked with team to determine the plan and concept for bringing artists in to work on the street enhancement portion of the project. Remained during design and implementation to oversee the process. Developed a series of large photomurals that line a tunneled city street under the center.

1991-1993 Harborview Medical Center Bond Project, Seattle, WA
King County Arts Commission, 1% for Art Program Developed the first art plan for integrated artworks in the hospital. The plan called for three initial “lead artists” to undertake a residency period to understand this complex environment and subsequently orient additional artists. Artworks were integrated into zones for staff, patients and families to enhance the environments in a meaningful way, impacting the mental and physical well-being of the medical center community.

1998 Art Plan for Transportation Projects, Bellevue Arts Commission, Bellevue, WA
Developed arts plan and budgets for a series of seven Transportation Department projects, a first-time undertaking to work with the infrastructure in the ex-urban city of Bellevue.

1997-1998 Art Plan/Liaison Artist, Bainbridge City Hall, Bainbridge Island, WA
Worked with design team during the conceptual through design development stage of a new city hall, impacting the design. At the same time I worked on creating a deeper awareness of and subsequent opportunities for public art within the project that were outlined in an art plan for integrated artworks. I had conversations with the artists selected for the integrated works to broaden their understanding of the design intent and the notion that the artwork express a sense of “civic-ness” particular to building and place.

1997 Historic Markers Art Plan, Bellevue Arts Commission, Bellevue, WA
Collaboration with Norie Sato on a masterplan for a series of historic markers to be designed by artists and placed within the downtown core of Bellevue based on a set of 20 events outlined by the city. The art plan proposed that artists create narrative sculptures that resided in the sidewalk right-of-way as “common objects”.

1989-1991 Washington State Arts Commission, Art in Public Places Program
Project Manager/Planner for projects at institutions of higher learning and state agencies. Developed multiple campus art approaches, linking community college campuses through artworks, developed an approach to artists’ multiples that were compiled into traveling collections for K-12 public schools.


2005 Curator/GGLO Gallery, Seattle, WA.
An exhibition of eight temporary installations responsive to the public physical spaces of the office – foyers and conference rooms. The curatorial intent was to reshape the physical relationships the staff had to spaces they use multiple times a day. The installations used conference tables, entrances to conference rooms, space above, etc.

2000 Pro Parks, Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs Gallery, Columbia Center, Seattle, WA.
An large inclusive exhibition about the 2000 Pro Parks Art Plan, art projects and artists. The show included an exclusively designed collaborative installation developed by artists designing park art projects.

2003 Curator/”Art in the Meadow . . .Whispered Conversations with the Land”
Bainbridge Arts and Humanities Council, Public Art Program, $10,000
A three-month exhibition of eight artists, including myself, of temporary outdoor installations developed in direct response to a piece of undeveloped rural park land on Bainbridge Island, WA., an island suburb of Seattle. Based on my curatorial focus, the art expressed an inter-relationship of artists’ thoughts growing from conceptual and material responses to the land. The exhibition generated a set of experiences that discreetly guided the viewer through the landscape, revealing nuances of the place and establishing residual memories.

AWARDS <back to top>

Americans for the Arts, Public Art Network 2010 Year in Review, public art project award Jentel Artist Residency 2010

Earthwatch Artist Fellowship, 2005, artist member of NW archeological dig 2006

Centrum Foundation, one-month residency for discussions on creativity and making works on paper

Earthwatch Artist Fellowship, 2005, artist member of NW archeological dig

Depot Park, Northern California and Western Nevada American Concrete Institute 2005 Award

Seattle Design Commission, 2003 Project Commendation, Pro Parks Art Plan

American Society of Civil Engineers, 2001 Project Awards, Novelty Bridge

Washington Partnership for Quality Transportation, 2001 Highest Award, Novelty Bridge

Washington State Contractors Award, 2001, Novelty Bridge

American Association of Fencing Manufacturers,1986, Broad Street Substation

Seattle Design Commission, 1985 Project Commendation, Broad Street Substation



2013   Art Advisory Committee, Seattle Port Authority, overseeing art for SeaTac airport and other port facilities.

2009 AFTA National Conference, presenter, The Power of Innovative Art in Parks, roundtable Alliance of Artist Communities, pranel presenter, Arts & Civic Engagement 2008-10 911 Media Arts Center, Seattle, WA. Board member

2008-present   911 Media Arts Center, Seattle, WA. Board member

2007   Washington Recreation & Parks Association Annual Conference, Invited presenter

2005-present   “Seattle Village” Development, working with a core group to develop a new model for living/working for older arts based community. Involves non-market driven design, aging while continuing to generate, catalyst for community, etc.

2001-present   What’s Up?, co-developer with Anne Focke (Executive Director of Grantmakers in the Arts) of a monthly gathering of arts related speakers exploring contemporary issues related to arts, politics, and social issues.

2001-06   4 Culture, King County Cultural Development Authority, Public Art Advisory Committee, chair and artist member, reviewing all public art policy and projects.

1999-2005   Seattle School District Middle School Grant, TOPS Alternative School, planning, facilitation, and assessment of grant activities targeting innovative programs developed to enhance the social and emotional health of the middle school portion of a K-8 program my children attended.

2000 -2003   Light Rail Review Panel, member of panel reviewing all aspects of station development for Sound Transit and the City of Seattle.

2001   Bellevue Community College Extension Program, Public Art Certificate Program, curriculum development and teaching.

1975 - present   General Public Art Activities – presented lectures, served on numerous selection and discussion panels for public art projects and grants in Seattle, King County, Washington state and other locations.

1996-1999   Safeco Baseball Stadium, appointed member of Citizens Advisory Comm. established by the PFD to review all aspects of the design and development of the Mariner stadium, and spearheaded developing a public art program outlining the range of projects, processes and selection of artists as a member of the Arts Advisory Committee.

1988   Visiting artist, Artists Unlimited, Seattle, WA.
Worked for three months with a group of artists with cerebral palsy that resulted in a group installation, which revealed aspects of their lives through art to the non-disabled person, at Bumbershoot Arts Festival, an annual event in Seattle.

1987-1989   Public Art Forum, Seattle, WA.
An independent group of artists, architects, landscape architects and public art administrators met regularly to discuss a broad range of issues surrounding public art, architecture and urban planning. 1986-80   Seattle Design Commission, appointed artist member of city review body for all Capitol Improvement projects and urban plans and initiatives for Seattle.


2013 Chamber Music, Frye Art Museum, Seattle, WA
2013 Coming Unbound, Northwind Gallery, Port Townsend, WA
2011 Forecast: Artists Work with Weather, WA State Convention Center, Seattle, WA
2010 “Long Drawn Out Process”, Anchor Art Space, Anacortes, WA
2010 “Prints”, Mighty Tieton, WA
2009 “Notings”, one-person show, Anchor Art Space, Anacortes, WA.
Art Outside, Temporary installations in Webster Woods, Port Angeles Fine Art Center, Pt. Angeles, WA.
2009 One Person show, Anchor Art Space, Anacortes, WA
2008 Art Outside, Port Angeles Fine Art Center, Pt. Angeles, WA.


Art Outside, Port Angeles Fine Art Center, Pt. Angeles, WA.
2006 “Beneath the Surface”, Xchanges Gllery, Victoria, B.C.
Art Outside, Port Angeles Fine Art Center, Pt. Angeles, WA.
Public Artists/Private Art, Seattle Art Museum Rental Gallery, Seattle, WA.
2005 Art in Space, GGLO Architects, Seattle, WA. Installation
2005 Public Artists/Private Art, Seattle Art Museum Rental Gallery, Seattle, WA.
2005 Art Outside, Port Angeles Fine Art Center, Pt. Angeles, WA.
2004 Art Outside, Port Angeles Fine Art Center, Pt. Angeles, WA.
2003 Art in the Meadow. . .Whispered Conversations with the land, Bainbridge island, WA.
Curator and artist
2003 Art Outside, Port Angeles Fine Art Center, Pt. Angeles, WA.
2002 Tacoma Art Museum, WA, Ibis prints
2001 "The House”, Bainbridge Island Arts & Crafts Gallery
1999 Esther Claypool Gallery, Seattle, WA.
1995 "Folie a Deux", COCA, Seattle, WA.
1994 "Essential Repose", Kittredge Gallery, Unv. of Puget Sound, Tacoma, WA. installation
1994 "Agents of Change", Washington State Convention Center, Seattle
Kirkland Art Center Open, Kirkland, WA.
1993 "The Most Basic 2", 911 Media Arts, Seattle, WA., Window installation
1993 "Women Sculptors on Paper:, Linda Farris Gallery, Seattle, WA.
1992 "The Most Basic", Henry Gallery, Unv. of Wa., Seattle,WA., Installation
1992 "20th Anniversary Show", Linda Farris Gallery, Seattle, WA.
"Annual", Kirkland Art Center, Kirkland, WA.
1991 "Computer Art", North Seattle Community College, Seattle, WA.
1991 "The Next Generation?", Linda Farris Gallery, Seattle, WA., installation
1990  "OH...LOOK...LISTEN...". Linda Farris Gallery, Seattle, WA., Installation
1990 "Bellingham Annual", Whatcom Museum of History and Art, Bellingham, WA.
1988 "Northwest Artists", Gensler & Associates, L.A., CA.
1988 "HomeWorldResponse", Linda Farris Gallery, Seattle, WA.
1987  "7 Artists / Ibis Computer Works", Associated American Artists, Tacoma, WA.
"Seattle Sculpture 1927-1987", Bumberbiennale, Bumbershoot Arts Festival, Seattle
1987 "Seven Alumni", Georgetown University, Washington, D.C.
"Private Visions, Public Spaces. Current Public Art Projects", Bellevue Art Museum, WA.
"Large Drawings", Linda Farris Gallery, Seattle, WA
1986 "Northwest Artists Books", Carolyn Staley Fine Prints, Seattle, WA.
"Dwellings", NBBJ Architects, Seattle, WA
"Contemporary Book Arts". Sarah Spurgeon Gallery, Central Washington University, Ellensburg, WA.
1984 "Concepts for World and Home Living", Linda Farris Gallery, Seattle, WA.
1982 "Place Panic", Linda Farris Gallery, Seattle, WA.
1981 Littman Gallery, Portland State University, Portland, Oregon, installation
"2 Places For Thinking To Look", Tacoma Art Festival, Tacoma, WA.., installation
1980 "Slipping a Few Quirks Over On The Urban Grid", ARC Gallery, Seattle, WA.
1979 "Places/Elsewhere, Linda Farris Gallery, Seattle, WA., Installation
1977 "Paperworks", Linda Farris Gallery, Seattle, WA.



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