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Book Series

Intaglio print, with drawn pages


These drawings come from the simple idea that a visual person such as Law is more able to record thoughts visually, rather then verbally. Since she wants to record her ideas by hand, Law draws rather then photographs. This work reveals the many thoughts and ideas that stream through her head. Ideas that come from conversations, reading, looking, listening, and generally going about an active, engaged life.

About ten years ago, she decided to create her own “book” to record in, and so developed an etching plate with the image of an open book that she occasionally re-prints to provide herself more pages as she runs out. Law appreciates these pages. The two-page set up gives her the opportunity to put down ideas that are in tension to each other and in fact, better mirrors the way her mind is constantly working. While Law works more often these days in 3-D, in the form of temporary installations Carolyn appreciates the exploration of ideas that she can make magically appear on the empty page and is content to share her musings this way.



Book Series 3 Interactions
Quiet Unfoldings The Nature of Generosity
Wondering Wandering Book Series 8
Book Series 9 Floating Down Home