Before Now

Santa Cruz, CA
Pacific Avenue and Center Street
(in Depot Park)

Santa Cruz Arts Commission
Ballinger Foster Steinmetz Landscape Architects
Aluminum, paint, concrete, cut & polished stones, flagstone, and plants

The artwork, BEFORE NOW, is located in the central plaza of this Santa Cruz, CA park. The art literally breaks through the dominant theme of the park’s design that references the site’s history as a train depot. The art in turn references the most important aspect of the site’s past and past natural history as a saltwater lagoon off Monterey Bay. There remains of the lagoon are nearby and may ultimately become connected to the new park through further land purchase. The main sculptural form in the artwork creates a dramatic visual landmark that dominates the park and can be viewed from many vantage points outside the park. The artwork emanates from the center of the plaza and flows off towards the edge in the direction of the lagoon. The flowing ground plane incorporates a set of stones that each are changed slightly by hand intervention, subtle polishing, cutting and sculpting. The tall sculpture that now anchors the park will always remain visible above the mature trees.