Kirkland transit Center, Kirkland, WA

Inca Engineers
Hewitt Architects
Sound Transit
Concrete, granite, landscapaing
100′ x 25′ x 15′

This is an interactive artwork that creating a place to just BE within the surroundings where people wait for their bus amidst the constant movements on foot, by car, bus and bicycle, plus the active use of the adjacent park. “Social Intricacy” is another “beach” to sit in and watch a different kind of movement then the lake water so defining of Kirkland.

The artwork consists of two groupings of large granite blocks spreading out from the library stairway as it lands at the sidewalk. The stones are set amidst a generous terraced concrete sitting area that she designed to extend along the entire south side of the plaza. This area, together with the stones, gives people more choices of how and where to sit, gather, rest and engage. The stones and the terracing can be interacted with a myriad of ways – climbed on and over, sat on, etc.

Four colors of granite pieces are cut into crisp angular polygons, intricately and improbably fit together in a puzzle-like fashion. The faces of the stones have varied finishes, from a highly reflective polish to a variety of softer finishes. This creates a faceted look like that of cut gems providing rich detailing. The stones will change appearance time and again depending on the light, time of day, and whether they are wet or dry.